I’m Anusha and welcome to my SPICE world. This blog is full of mouthwatering recipes for you to try, and the odd review or two (hopefully there’ll be more of these in 2021 as we manage to get out of our houses after the past year!)

A bit about me!

So, I’ve had a few jobs! You know, growing up in a South Asian family meant that education was the most important thing – and that meant studying hard to get the top grades! I managed up to a point, and got a job in finance in the City (of London), pleasing my parents. I was there for 10 years, can you believe?!

The thing is I wasn’t really that passionate about it. Sure, there were lots of after work parties/entertainment/fancy restaurants etc… but there was also a lot of backstabbing! Not really my cup of tea.

After getting married I re-trained as a Maths teacher! Yes, that might not sound very exciting to you, but Maths was my favourite subject at school (crazy, eh?!) and by teaching children something I loved, I hoped I could instil that same passion in them. This I still love to this day!

I had to cut short my time in teaching due to family circumstances, and ended up inheriting (together with my siblings) a couple of nursing homes for the elderly. This was a completely new role for me, but I jumped in, ready to face it head on. It was an eye opener into healthcare and a million miles away from finance and education.

All three jobs above were fascinating in their own way, but were incredibly demanding and stressful. So whenever I had some time to myself, my attention turned to the kitchen.

That’s right, throughout my career the one thing that remains a constant is my LOVE of food.

Sure, the City showed me how to GRAB LIFE, being a teacher showed me the MEANING OF LIFE and owning the care homes was a way to HELP OUT IN LIFE, BUT my love for food? Well that was THE SPICE IN MY LIFE!!

Yes, totally GRABBING LIFE and adding a bit of SPICE to it in the process!

Losing my mother quite suddenly when I was pregnant with my first child came as a total shock – our family was shattered in one instant. But over time it became the catalyst that kickstarted me into EMBRACING life. You know, life is short – we need to embrace it and get the most out of it. My hunger for life has definitely become more apparent since going through that terrible tragedy.

Having a family made it even more important for me to carry on in this vein as I wanted my children to embrace food and more importantly LIFE with this same passion. Adding spice to my life in all sorts of ways is what makes life fun, adventurous, spicy! Isn’t that what we all want, after all?!

So what will you find on this site?

Mainly food – recipes, reviews, tips, photos! Extras, well I have posted on travel and beauty, and if time allows I’ll post more on these too. But if you have any suggestions, please do contact me and I’ll do my best to include!

Other things I love: health & fitness, beauty, fashion, retail therapy and many other bits and pieces too. I hope you join me on my continuing journey to find all sorts of things to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!

How to Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me by e-mailing anusha@spiceandlight.co.uk

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Happy reading!