Homemade Mango Sorbet with Pineapple & Turmeric

With the last few days we’ve had of hot, sunny weather you might have been thinking Spring has well and truly sprung. Well, we certainly do! So what better than to welcome in the new season with a homemade mango sorbet with pineapple and turmeric, oh and a bit of thyme too? Yes that’s right a true tropical hit of flavours and colour plus a dash of spice – turmeric!

Mango sorbet still

Turmeric in a Homemade Mango Sorbet?

I know, it sounds crazy right? The thing is turmeric has a mountain of health benefits. It contains the chemical curcumin and so it is thought to be really helpful in curing any inflammatory conditions. It also has antioxidants and is believed to stop your liver from being damaged by all those toxins. However with the yin comes the yang. It’s important not to take turmeric in large doses as this could possibly cause digestive issues. For more on the wonders of turmeric check out this article by Nuffield Health.

A bit of trivia!

I remember my mum used to mix turmeric powder with some other bits and pieces and apply it to my face when I was younger! I’m not sure exactly why but I think it was to get rid of my patchy skin!! 😆

Mango pineapple sorbet plus container

Tell me more about the sorbet!

Anyhow, back to the sorbet. Oh my this was such a dream to make and the best thing about this particular sorbet was the double blitzing. You see, if you just blitz once and leave to freeze before serving up, your sorbet will have loads of sugar crystals in it. These form whilst freezing and do not have the best texture.

But if you do the double blitz, then oh my what a difference it makes. Obviously you will need to be patient as your sorbet won’t be done for a few more hours! However at least you know that when it is, it’s going to be bliss!

You might have seen that this sorbet is quite yellow. Yes it is mango and pineapple, but the extra saturated yellow is due to the addition of turmeric. You see, it wasn’t just added for its medicinal qualities. I think it makes for an even better colour!

So now that you’ve seen how wonderful this sorbet looks, you’ll realise that you don’t need to eat it on its own, even though that’s the way I photographed it. Oh no, it can elevate some wonderful chocolate dishes, just think what a scoop of this would be like with some warm chocolate cake! Or chocolate banana bread!

Enough already! If you did want to have some chocolate cupcakes or banana bread then take a look at my recipes – you won’t be disappointed!

So let’s get to the main event!

Mango sorbet in cones 2

Homemade Mango Sorbet with Pineapple and Turmeric

Celebrate the arrival of Spring/Summer with this guilt free sorbet!
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Prep Time 35 minutes
Freeze time 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 35 minutes
Course Afternoon tea, Dessert, Sweet snacks
Cuisine Asian, British
Servings 20 scoops


  • 450 g mango flesh
  • 350 g pineapple chunks
  • 1 handful coconut flakes optional
  • 5 sprigs thyme
  • ¼ tsp turmeric
  • 2 limes – juiced
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 80 ml cold water
  • 220 ml cold water


Sugar syrup

  • Add the caster sugar and 80ml cold water to a saucepan and turn the heat onto low. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Now turn the heat up so that the mixture starts to boil. Let it reduce by half – the syrup should start to turn more viscous and be slightly sticky. Remove from the heat and add a further 220ml cold water to the pan. Stir through and set aside.


  • Add the mango flesh, pineapple chunks, turmeric and coconut flakes to a food processor or thermomix. Purée until smooth. Add the sugar syrup and lime juice and whizz again.
  • Pour this mix into a freeze proof container, cover with a lid and freeze. (minimum 8 hours or overnight)
  • After the time has passed, remove the sorbet and turn out onto a chopping board. Leave for 10 minutes so it starts to melt. You will be able to see some sugar crystals that have formed in the freezing process.
  • Cut the sorbet into chunks and return to the food processor /thermomix. Blitz the sorbet – this will break up the sugar crystals and the sorbet will become much more creamy and smooth in texture.
  • Put this creamy mixture back into a freeze proof container with a lid and refreeze for at least 2 hours, until needed.
  • Remove the sorbet from the freezer 15 minutes before you need it. When ready to serve, garnish with thyme.
    Mango and pineapple sorbet
Keyword coconut, Mango and coconut cupcakes, pineapple, sorbet, Turmeric
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Sounds refreshing huh? Seriously gorgeous, and so right for the next few months! Make it and tell me what you think!


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