Mothers Day Treat

This year, Mothers Day was actually rather an enjoyable day for me. You see, I have to say the past few years have been pretty abysmal, by most mums’ standards. I have always given subtle hints here and there as to what I might like to do plus what I might like as a little gift (a card would have been nice!), but the days have regularly consisted of a quick cup of tea, a rushed, scribbled card and really that is all. Of course this is then followed by a heated discussion on how the day should have gone, and then finally the dismal day is over – only to be repeated a year or so later in exactly the same fashion. Not so this time!!!

Now I had spoke to my girlfriends about all of this in past years and had been informed that most mums actually buy their own presents for mothers’ day or book tickets for a theatre performance or indeed reserve a table for brunch/afternoon tea. I didn’t think I really had to go this far, but maybe that’s what I should have done. Anyhow, fast forward to this year and I managed to have a conversation regarding the upcoming event and suggested a few things that needed to be done to prevent a hissy fit (grin!). I have to say all my suggestions were taken on board and on the day in question, not only did I receive amazing (and I mean amazing) handmade cards from both my sons, but the day actually continued after that with afternoon tea at the Waldorf in London followed by the theatre (to see The Play that Goes Wrong), followed by dinner at a Japanese restaurant on the way home. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had even half that attention on mothers’ day before. It was fantastic. Ok yes, it was also expensive, but to be honest if you work that out over the last 10 years, it was really relatively cheap!

We even managed to have a whole day without any arguments and quite a lot of laughing and general merriment. My sons were on their best behaviour (maybe they were promised something if they behaved all day) , but whatever the reason, it made for an enjoyable day. No, I’m not expecting this amount of attention next year and I’m sure I wouldn’t get it, even if I did, but for this year I am a content individual!  Thanks to my lovely husband and gorgeous boys!

Of course I am left wondering whether, had I not kicked up a fuss, I’d have gone anywhere at all. Probably not…but at least I know what to do here on in. Some men just don’t think about details as much as women. If I didn’t plan something for fathers day, I would feel guilty, but that’s not how everyone thinks. Anyway, I am just revelling in my marvellous day which really was perfect!

Happy Mothers Day to you all!



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