Restaurant Review – Mezzet Dar – Hampton Court

Mezzet Dar is a tapas style restaurant with food that hails from Spain with a Lebanese influence. I have visited for a Christmas lunch in December and the food was simply fantastic and therefore I was quite excited to return. The reason for the visit was my husband’s birthday but really it was just another Lazy Sunday lunch with the kids!

We were lunching at the restaurant and were all very hungry. The boys love to eat out these days, although they are more interested in their surroundings and about giving the food marks for ‘presentation’ a la Masterchef, than actually eating it! That said, they were quite drawn to the menu, especially the prawn dishes!

Here is a summary of what we had, with our thoughts alongside:

Backstreet Hoummus – Hoummus with pulled lamb and chives 

I love hoummus. This was certainly up there with the best of them – I would say Dar’s sister restaurant, Mezzet, next door is the only one with better hoummus




Serrano Ham and Chicken Croquettes/Prawn croquettes

Big thumbs up from the boys! This was the most popular choice from the menu, and it didn’t disappoint. Crispy on the outside and oh, so more-ish within – minced prawn/ham and chicken, with pieces just big enough to have texture. Divine sauce too – the chilli one was my fave.




Ok, so although the asparagus was pretty good – firm, with texture and bite, plus the scattering of serrano ham was a nice touch – it wasn’t all smiles. However, I think this was more to do with the sight of a green vegetable than anything else. The adults loved it – it would have had to have been wrapped in prawns for the kids to feel the same way!



Down In Mexico

This tasty morsel was chicken and peppers bathed in a creamy, spicy sauce, garnished with some green leaves and served up in a crispy cone. Finger lickin’ good! Ok so if I’m honest, the chicken was slightly over cooked but the sauce was divine, and the presentation got 10/10!



Courgette Flowers

Due to the obvious ‘green’, I didn’t offer these up to my sons as I anticipated what the reaction would be. Besides, I wanted them for myself. The crisp flower had been beer battered and inside was a tantalising, creamy feta filling which complemented the orange honey glaze perfectly. Another winner!




Very simple king prawns, griddled and then served up with garlic oil. Whilst I liked these as did the kids, my husband wasn’t won over. He felt the prawn flesh was a little less firm than usual. Overall one of our less favourite dishes, which was a shame.




Fish tempura on a mango sauce

This was one of the specials, but alas, not so special for us. the tempura was quite thick, and although there was a fair amount of fish within, the coating was not as crispy as I would have liked and slightly greasy too. The mango sauce was delicious though and was mopped up with the bread provided instead!



So there you have it – overall a marvellous few dishes and there were more on the menu that appealed – if only we had more guests with us! We were quite full after this, so managed the fruit/baklava/churros medley for dessert, and this didn’t disappoint. Delectable churros, with an equally decadent chocolate sauce, fresh raspberries, strawberries and passion fruit, topped off with pistacchio nuts.

Mezzet Dar is definitely a restaurant we will return to, the waiters and waitresses were friendly and efficient, whilst managing to leave us to enjoy our food in peace. Together with Mezzet next door, this restaurant will be up there on our list of local favourites for years to come!


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